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21Digital’s website makeover for IDL Group scores an A+

21Digital's website makeover for IDL Group scores an A+ 21Digital's website makeover for IDL Group scores an A+

We’ve just completed a major website redesign project for IDL – a leading global provider of multi-sensory software that has transformed how students with dyslexia and dyscalculia are taught.

Operating in over 4,200 schools and 40 countries worldwide, the team behind IDL tasked 21Digital with redesigning its global website to enhance the user experience, provide better information for schools and turn the website into a sales tool for its business development team.

And that’s exactly what we did! One of our key objectives was to provide IDL with the flexibility to choose which products and solutions customers can view based on the geographic zones the user is located in.

“Michael Cain, technical director, explained, “This was achieved by developing a network site built on a single WordPress installation. When a user visits the website from anywhere worldwide, the system identifies where the user is located using geo IP tracking. It delivers the correct website for that user, including unique content in the native language. This change brings several benefits, including improved SEO performance and reduced management efforts.”

Additionally, the project included implementing a content management system (CMS) to enable straightforward and comprehensive management of all the network websites, pages, content, and imagery.

IDL Group - WordPress Website
IDL Group - WordPress Website

This overhaul streamlines the management of the client’s product offerings and allows them to oversee various regions and products seamlessly through a unified interface. At 21Digital, our expertise lies in crafting robust WordPress web solutions enhanced by custom front-end designs that provide visitors with an improved online shopping experience.

“We aimed to transform their web presence to better serve their global audience. The successful website refresh has streamlined their product management and enhanced their brand’s worldwide accessibility.” said our Creative Director, Steven Taylor.

“We loved the challenge of working on this project for IDL, and we’re incredibly happy to finally see it up and running!”

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