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Despite developments and innovation in technology and the web, email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with people. What’s more, it’s one of the more personal services a business can offer to its customers – tailoring content and updates to customer needs.

At 21Digital, we help you create an email marketing strategy that enhances business opportunities, provides you with new leads, and boosts your profits. Using the best in technologies and techniques, our bespoke strategies ensure a sophisticated and effective email marketing campaign and one that will deliver results.

  • Web research & user experience

    Research & Analysis

    As with all our services, a tailored approach that’s bespoke to your business is key to your email marketing success. To create the perfect email marketing strategy for your business, we research and analyse competitors and customer needs to ensure maximum impact.

    Our creative research techniques include the analysis of competitors, gaining an understanding of your customers, and researching design trends for the marketplace. Together, these techniques help you win new customers, gain new insights, and increase business opportunities.

  • Responsive technical design


    With today’s modern consumer, responsive design matters. Your stellar copy won’t have the desired impact if it’s attached to a dated email design. With more and more consumers now using mobile devices to access their emails, creating responsive emails that work is more important than ever.

    Our email designs are hardcoded and feature the best in responsive email templates, rigorously tested in all major mailboxes. Our techniques ensure maximum delivery and exposure to your brand and services, increasing customer click and engagement rates.

  • Monitoring / Reporting

    Using Mailchimp as the sending service, all our clients benefit from detailed analytics that reveal what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to develop a flexible, responsive approach in our marketing techniques. We analyse it all; from how your user response compares to the industry average, all the way down to how many subscribers opened your email. It’s all key in helping us develop new and effective ways of engaging your customer

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