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We know our stuff when it comes to digital marketing. Our consultancy service has one simple aim: to help you get the most out of your online presence.

Drawing on almost 20 years of expertise, we’ll run a fine-toothed comb over your digital presence and strategy, identifying any areas that could be improved, and ensuring that every aspect of your online presence is fully communicating the value proposition of your brand.

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  • Digital Marketing Audit

    We conduct a careful analysis of your current digital marketing strategy, identifying its main strengths and highlighting any shortcomings. Our experts then work closely with you to emphasise these strengths while building upon any weaknesses. We aim to ensure that the individual strands of your strategy all complement each other as they communicate the key benefits of buying from your business.

  • PPC Audit

    Google AdWords can be a fantastic source of leads and sales, but without proper management you can all too easily end up wasting money. At 21Digital, our experts can undertake a detailed review your PPC campaigns, making recommendations for adjustments or enhancements. The results are targeted campaigns that capitalise on your unique selling points and firmly distinguish your brand amongst the competition, all ensuring a maximum return on investment.

  • SEO Audit

    SEO plays a huge part in the success of your online presence – after all, a stunning website can’t help your business if your customers don’t see it in Google’s search results! Our Search Engine Optimisation audit examines your current SEO strategy, and evaluates how effective it is at getting your business in front of your target audience. We’ll then make suggestions on how to boost your rankings further, so that your website is always the first to get customer clicks.

  • Social Media Audit

    Social media is a brilliant way to directly engage with your consumers, but sometimes it can be tricky to gain that first crucial bit of traction (especially when you’re just starting out). After a thorough review and analysis, our experts can advise you on the best ways to build your social media followings, opening up new avenues of communication to your customers and improving the overall public perception of your brand.

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