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Kai Beauti ‘Made Up’ With Stunning New Website From 21Digital

Kai Beauti ‘made-up’ at stunning new website from 21Digital Kai Beauti ‘made-up’ at stunning new website from 21Digital

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just completed the finishing touches on a brand new online store for Kai Beauti.

A new business in the beauty accessories space, Kai Beauti is focused on making it easier to enjoy beauty on the go with its all-in-one compact dressing tables. Its compact mirrors, ring lights and all-in-one makeup cases are designed to spare users from having to ‘make do’ with bad hotel lighting, or travelling with multiple makeup bags. The ultimate goal is to turn makeup “on-the-go” back into an empowering experience, so that customers can get ready quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Annika Abrol, MD of Kai Beauti, approached 21Digital looking for web design experts who could build and deliver a new website, brand identity and product packaging design that accurately reflected the values of her business. The site is now live and bringing travel-friendly organisation to customers all over the UK.

“I’m so pleased with how the website, branding and packaging design work for Kai Beauti has turned out,” said Annika, owner of Kai Beauti. “It’s got all a sense of sleek simplicity that I felt was really important to grab the attention of customers, and I’m very happy with the way Steven and his team have brought my vision to life.”

WooCommerce Web Design - KAI Beauti

“The site’s visuals were a particularly important aspect to get right, as they’re crucial to conveying that feel of convenience and luxury – two of the core qualities that define the Kai Beauti brand,” explained 21Digital Creative Director Steven Taylor. “And while most people know us for our work in the Home & Garden sector, we do also have considerable experience with the skincare and cosmetics sector, so I’m happy we were able to draw on this experience to create this stunning new brand.”

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