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Steven gives the London Marathon a run for its money as part of #TeamBreathe

As you know, we’re all about digital marketing here 21Digital. What’s more though, we’re also about supporting our team as they take on exciting challenges for great causes. This year, our very own Creative Director, Steven, will be running the London Marathon 2024 as part of Team Breathe in support of Asthma + Lung UK!

Steven is an avid and experienced runner, so it’s not his first rodeo. He’s been running marathons in them for a few years now, first taking up the hobby during the lockdown of 2020. Flash forward to now, and he’s brought home medals from quite a few events, including the Berlin Marathon and Manchester Marathon. This year’s London Marathon is particularly special to him though, because it raises awareness and funds for a charity that is close to his heart and family.

Steven and his son both have asthma, and his son was diagnosed at a young age, which presented a couple of challenges early on. Thankfully, he’s now doing a lot better, but you can imagine, this cause is still very important to Steven (not to mention many others besides)! Through his efforts, he aims to make a difference and provide support to those affected by asthma and lung conditions.

IDL Group - WordPress Website
IDL Group - WordPress Website

Every pound donated to his marathon fundraising efforts will go towards providing life-saving support for those affected by asthma and other lung conditions. Whether it’s funding research, providing education and support, or advocating for better respiratory care, every contribution makes a difference.

If you’d like to contribute to Steven’s fundraising efforts and help make a difference, you can donate directly to his fundraising page. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps support Asthma + Lung UK’s vital work and brings us one step closer to a world where everyone can breathe freely.

Stay tuned for updates as Steven continues his training journey and prepares to tackle the London Marathon 2024 this April!

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