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Say “bore da” (it’s Welsh) to Liam, our new content writer!

Say “bore da” (it’s Welsh) to Liam, our new content writer! Say “bore da” (it’s Welsh) to Liam, our new content writer!

If you’ve taken a glance at our socials over the past few days, you might have spotted a new face here at our studio. “Who’s that then?” you may have thought to yourself, as you perused our post on World Book Day. “He looks like he’d be an incisive and versatile copywriter, who knows exactly how to connect with audiences across 21Digital’s key sectors of Automotive, Commercial and Home & Garden.”

And you’d be exactly right! That’s Liam Roberts, a proud Welshman and the newest addition to our content team. Allow us to introduce you!

A quick introduction to Liam

For a while a few years ago, it was apparently a toss-up as to whether Liam would choose a career in the police, or one as a writer – but luckily for us he decided on creative pursuits! His skill at English in school ultimately led to earning a joint honours degree in Film and Creative Writing – he still writes scripts in his spare time, and reads avidly to keep his hand in. Right now he’s working his way through a Song of Fire and Ice, the George R.R. Martin series of novels which inspired Game of Thrones. He describes them simply as “epic”. No argument from us!

He tries to get to the gym “when he can” apparently, but he must manage it pretty often, because last year he completed the Three Peaks Challenge for the Wales Cancer Trust, successfully raising £25,000 for charity. He’s also an avid football player, which puts him in great stead with our footy-mad team. Unfortunately he supports Leeds United, but nobody’s perfect.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be here,” he said. “It’s actually my first salaried job, so the first day was a bit nerve-wracking but everyone’s been really lovely and welcoming. There’s a tonne to learn but to be honest, I love a good challenge.”

(We think people probably worked that out already, Liam.)

Liam’s skills and enthusiasm are a hugely welcome addition to our content team, helping us expand our capacity so that we can deliver ever-more creative, effective campaigns that provide tangible results for our clients.

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