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Meet Jake, our newest Magento 2 developer!

Meet Jake, our newest Magento 2 developer! Meet Jake, our newest Magento 2 developer!

We’ve been chuffed to welcome a couple of new faces to our team so far this summer, and if you’ve been keeping an eye on our blog or you’ve popped in to see us in the last few months, you might have met Sarah and Alex already.

The latest person to join our team is Jake Flynn, a talented Magento 2 developer with extensive specialist expertise, a keen attention to detail, and lightning-fast reflexes. (Although thankfully he doesn’t often need that last one for his day-to-day tasks here at 21Digital.) Allow us to introduce you.

A quick introduction to Jake

Let’s start off with his skills and experience, the stuff that drew us to Jake for his current role. After graduating from Edge Hill University in 2018, he went straight into his first role as a backend developer, which means he works on the bits and pieces behind the scenes that a site needs to function properly, rather than the front-end elements that are visible to visitors. He now joins us in the same role, and brings an impressive range of specialisms to our in-house development team. His foremost area of expertise is Magento 2 – the platform that we build most of our eCommerce sites on – and he’s also deeply knowledgeable about the programming languages of Javascript and PHP. In short, when it comes to the technical aspects of your site, Jake knows exactly how it all fits together.

Speaking of fitting things together, he’s also built his own gaming PC from scratch, and even upgraded it with new parts over the years – which is seriously impressive to the other gamers here in the studio, who generally prefer to leave that sort of thing to Microsoft. Jake’s also acknowledged being something of a dab hand at first-person shooters like Valorant and Escape from Tarkov, which – we’ll be honest – not all of us have heard of, but they do sound pretty intense.

He’s also a massive Liverpool FC fan, an area which puts us on much firmer ground, and makes him an especially perfect fit for our footy-mad team at 21Digital HQ!

“Joining the agency feels like quite a big step for me, as it’s only my second job out of uni. We work from a single studio so it’s a very tight-knit team here, and every day is very fast paced. But that’s how I like it! I’m really excited for my future at 21Digital, ready to put my skills to the test and hopefully learn some new ones along the way.”

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