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New website to fuel growth for The Kay Group

21Digital has launched a brand new website for leading petrol retailer The Kay Group, to support its expansion plans.

Since it was established in 1972, The Kay Group Ltd has steadily grown to become one of the leading petrol retailers in the North. Headquartered in Blackburn, it operates more than 20 high-volume 24-hour petrol retail outlets, each complete with convenience stores and car washing facilities serving over 200,000 customers per week.

One of the main objectives for the new website was to give the petrol retailer more gravitas, ensuring that it more accurately reflected its reputation, values and ethos.

“A big part of The Kay Group’s current growth plans are focused on expanding their teams of dedicated staff, so we also paid particular attention to overhauling their careers section,” explained Steven Taylor, our Creative Director. “Our new design makes the new site central to The Kay Group’s recruitment efforts to attract new staff to each of its locations scattered across the country.”

“Automotive, retail and commercial are all amongst our specialist sectors here at 21Digital, so we had no shortage of specific expertise to draw on for the Kay Group,” explains Sam Fletcher, our Managing Director. “With this detailed knowledge and our all-under-one-roof offering, we were perfectly positioned to craft a website that better told the Kay Group’s story.”

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