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How our experts can help you tell your brand’s story

How our experts can help you tell your brand’s story How our experts can help you tell your brand’s story

At 21Digital, we don’t “sell websites”. We tell stories.

People don’t buy from brands – people buy from people. You might have heard that adage before, and it’s as true today as it ever was. By humanising your brand and giving it a unique, instantly recognisable identity, you can connect on a deeper and more emotional level with your customers, earning their trust and loyalty and keeping them coming back to you time and time again.

So, where do you start? Simple: by telling them your brand’s story.

What is your brand’s story?

Your brand’s story is at the core of your business’s identity. It’s your history; how you came to be. It’s your culture; introducing your team, and their talents and specialisms. It’s your ethos; how you do things, and why. It defines your offering for your customers, and communicates how you can make their lives better with your product or service.

Communicating all this in an efficient way is actually much harder than it sounds, but the better you’re able to humanise your brand by telling customers who you are, what you do and how you can help them, the better you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors, and stick in the minds of your customers. A solid brand story appeals to a customer’s emotions, and that’s a powerful marketing tool – especially since research from Harvard University says that emotions drive purchases far more than logic.

At 21Digital, we don’t “sell websites”. We tell stories. Your brand’s story not only helps you to connect with your customers, but also helps you maintain focus as a business, helping you to define your goals for the future and keeping you on track to achieve them. That’s why it needs to be consistent throughout every aspect of your digital presence and marketing.

Here’s how we help with that.

How we can help you define your brand’s story

There are people who think that having a pretty website will give them more business. But it’s not quite that simple. There’s far more to a good website than looking pretty. Most importantly, it needs to have purpose. From the moment your customers land on your website, they need to know who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else.

That purpose is defined by your story as a business. So when you first sit down for a cuppa with us here at 21Digital, the first thing we’ll do is start by asking some basic but all-important questions. Who are you? What do you do? Who are your customers? What are you hoping to get out of your web presence?

This is also where we’ll take the opportunity to find out more about what makes your business special, and the key elements that distinguish you from your competitors. For example, are your products British made? Are they premium quality? How many decades of experience does your company have? Is there anything special about the way you operate that allows you to offer distinctive products or services that your competitors might not be able to match?

All the answers to these questions are things that distinguish you, and tell your story. Our job is to make sure your web presence reflects that. We find out not just who you are, but who you want to be, and design your digital presence accordingly.

How we tell your brand’s story with web design

Now, we don’t design all this into your site as an afterthought. Your brand’s story is baked into the foundations of the site from day one. Our experienced web designers know that it’s not just about having the right information on your site. It’s about how the information is presented.

So, we make sure that the stuff that makes your business special isn’t buried under layers of menus, or tucked all the way down the bottom of a webpage. We make sure to create intuitive designs that present the information exactly how and where your customers expect it to be – so that they know who you are, and why they should buy from you.

And to briefly explain a few more details…

How we tell your brand’s story with amazing content

Your brand’s tone of voice is a huge part of your overall brand identity and how you tell your story. That voice is primarily conveyed through your web copy, and along with your design, it influences how people react on an emotional level to your brand. Because while audiences might forget the details of what you say, they won’t forget how you made them feel. That’s important because (as we touched on above), emotions drive purchases far more than logic. Most customers don’t make purchase decisions based on the best prices, but on how much they trust the brand in question.

Finding the right tone of voice presents you with a valuable opportunity to earn that trust. It makes you distinctive, humanises you (there’s that word again), and helps you to stand out from competitors.

So, how do our copywriters help you earn the trust of your customers? Simple. People buy from businesses who they feel understand them. Talk like them. Think like them. So before we put pen to paper, we conduct detailed research of your target audience, enabling us to craft content that meaningfully connects with them.

That means using the right language, including any technical terms or jargon that your customers would expect to see. It also means highlighting specific USPs, and using words or phrases that hone in on distinctive characteristics that you want to be associated with your brand – for example luxurious, delicious, experienced, creative.

This is what we did for the Whitebirk Sink Company, specialist manufacturers of handmade fireclay sinks. We took care to craft copy that reflected their prestigious local heritage, and highlighted the craftsmanship and provenance of their fireclay sinks.

So that’s their story – the question is, what’s yours?

Let us help you tell it here at 21Digital. With around 18 years of experience behind us, we keep all our skills in-house, so you can count on us to provide award-winning web design and web development skills to revitalise your digital presence, and help your business grow. Our services also encompass technical SEOGoogle Adsdigital consultancysocial media marketing, and email marketing services.


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