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T. Forrest’s brand new range of treats hits UK pet stores

T. Forrest’s brand new range of treats hits UK pet stores

Following a successful rebranding project by 21Digital Agency, three new ranges of dog treats from Preston-based T. Forrest & Sons have now hit shelves in pet stores all over the UK.

Forrest had originally approached us with a smaller brief; to provide a web solution for its brand of free-flowing white label dog treats, sold at pet wholesalers. However during their initial consultation with our Managing Director Sam Fletcher, he identified key opportunity for the business to expand into pre-packaged dog treats, which are particularly popular with retail consumers.

Naturally T. Forrest immediately tasked 21Digital Agency with beginning work on this new, expanded brief. We worked closely with the business to rebrand T. Forrest & Sons into a single overarching brand, with three-tiered sub brands of Kanox, Our Dog and Woof & Chew. We also designed, developed and launched a new website to represent the three new brands – as well as the original white label products.

T. Forrest Dog Treats

About the project, Sam says “We developed the T. Forrest & Sons brand to highlight the history of the company and its use of 100% British, high quality ingredients, and also developed the three sub brands to cater to the full range of customer expectations and budgets. We feel very proud that the new branding represents the quality of the products, with all ingredients traceable from farm to bowl. It’s fantastic to see the products now hitting pet shop shelves across the UK.”

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