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Melt sees huge surge in traffic from regular e-mail marketing

Huge Surge In Traffic

A carefully planned email marketing campaign has re-kindled the success of a luxury candle firm and set its sales alight.

After commissioning 21Digital to run a series of e-marketing campaigns, the firm has seen a marked increase in sales and visitors to its website.

The campaign involved sending beautifully designed emails each month with special offers included on each one.

Cheryl Hook, owner of Melt Candles, says the campaign has had a huge impact on increasing Melt’s brand awareness and has attracted a new following to their range of scented candles.

Cheryl said: “It’s worked unbelievably well for us. What’s so great about e-mail marketing is that it’s a quick, efficient, effective way to keep in touch with customers.

“It allows us to unobtrusively reach them with news of special offers or new lines – and generates good business for us.”

According to Cheryl, the website generates 61% of the turnover that the firm’s retail outlets does and this is growing year-on-year.

“Our database has grown organically which means that our e-newsletters are reaching potential customers who are loyal to our brand and eager to snap up good offers,” she explained.

“E-mail newsletters also perform much better than traditional advertising. Spending several hundred pounds on an advert does not generate the same level of business as sending an e-newsletter and you are appealing to customers who prefer to shop in a more modern, time efficient way.

“By the end of last year, Melt Candles’ business grew over 22% on the previous year and has grown a further 14% so far this year – with their busy period still to come.”

Regular e-mail marketing can work really well for any company if planned in the right way.

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