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Magento eCommerce site gets the thumbs up from Savoy Timber

Savoy Timber - Magento

When businesses think about “getting a new website”, things like design and content spring to mind. What they don’t always consider is how a website can affect everything from order fulfilment and shipping to sales. Luckily, 21 Digital has the expertise to help – as our client Savoy Timber recently discovered!

Much more than a new website

Family-run Savoy Timber is a household name for trades and DIY enthusiasts all over the North West. With over 50 years in the business, superstores in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan, and an annual turnover of £9million, it’s clear the company’s doing something right!

Online sales were already booming, accounting for £1million of the company’s annual turnover, but Savoy’s three clunky websites still left a lot to be desired. Staff were struggling to deliver the great level of customer service that Savoy is known for due to long-winded processes and limited functionality: something definitely had to be done.

Happily, 21 Digital’s Marketing Director, Sam Fletcher, was on hand to help, devising a plan of action that would bring all of Savoy’s products on to one attractive, intuitive and cost-effective Magento eCommerce platform, setting the company on track to double their online turnover in the next two years – all in just six short weeks.

Better for customers; better for business

Magento ecommerce system

We implemented an automated order management system, boosting internal efficiency and allowing staff to get on with more important things. Orders are now easy to track, and there’s no more need for messy paper trails in-house.

Customers now receive regular notifications to let them know where their order’s up to, and data can be stored securely online, allowing Savoy to build brand loyalty and keep customers informed via regular e-newsletters.

It’s now also easier for Savoy to attract customers elsewhere on the web: the Magento eCommerce platform offers companies direct integration of their product inventory to high-traffic sites like eBay and Amazon, helping to boost revenue and overall exposure.

Rebuilding a brand

Web Design

When it came to brand, Savoy’s online presence had lost its way. Updating multiple websites had diluted the brand, which is never great when you’re looking to build customer trust and loyalty.

The photos and graphics on the sites were weak and dated, and the navigation – like the brand – had got way out of hand as the sites had been updated and adjusted, causing considerable confusion for customers.

21 Digital creative agency put an eye-catching new visual brand identity in place, using bold black and yellow typography and leaving customers in no doubt as to who they were dealing with! The product photography has been brought bang up to date, and a catchy new strapline rounds off the whole, highlighting Savoy Timber’s commitment to making DIY easy.

There’s now a simple-to-use store-finder on the site, which taps into Google Maps and makes it easy for customers to see where their local branch is. Finally, a series of “How To” videos are set to complete the site, offering added value through content marketing, and giving customers a reason to come back to the site time and again.

Sam Fletcher, Marketing Director
Commenting on the project, Sam noted:“We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this project has gone. Turning three sites into one has been a big job, but it’s been so worthwhile. Previously, customers and staff at Savoy had to spend a lot of unnecessary time and effort on something as simple as finding a product or placing an order. And while Savoy’s online business has continued to grow and thrive over the last few years, poor user experience is never going to be good for business.“SavoyTimber.com is now a sleek, easy-to-navigate website with an attractive front end and an intuitive Magento eCommerce platform delivering proper business solutions – we’ve taken everyone’s needs into account. I think it’s fair to say that this has been one of the best eCommerce sites we’ve ever done, and we’re thrilled that Savoy are equally pleased with the results.”

George Cornwell from Savoy Timber added:“Everybody here at Savoy Timber knows what a big success this new website it: it’s a huge improvement on our previous sites, both in terms of what it does and how it looks.

“It’s fast, efficient and easy to use – the eCommerce platform itself fulfils all of our needs and the team at 21 Digital were always there to answer our questions and carry out any little tweaks that were needed. The new site has been a big learning experience for our staff, and we’ve asked for a lot of help over the course of the project: everyone here feels that we’ve received a great level of service from 21 Digital.

“It’s not just the back-end of the site that’s impressed, though: the site’s design and content are really very good as well. As far as we’re concerned, working with 21 Digital has been a big success for Savoy Timber.”

So it’s thumbs-up all round! Take a look at SAVOY TIMBER’S NEW WEBSITE, or – to find out how 21 Digital could help you achieve similarly impressive results – call us on 01254 660 560 for a no obligation chat today.


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