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Google updates mean big boost for mobile rankings

The mobile-optimised website has never been as important as it is now, following Google’s latest algorithm updates. Part two of Google’s mobile algorithm update was introduced just a few weeks ago to give an additional ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages. With more and more web users now using mobile devices, the move to mobile-friendly algorithms, which reward mobile optimised websites, was a must for the search engine.

What’s new?

Google is focusing on the user experience in its new mobile updates. It has focused on factors such as small text, links placed too close together, and intrusive app download ads, all of which are now being penalised.

The algorithm also considers the speed at which your page loads on mobile, rewarding fast-loading websites and penalising those that are too slow.

What is Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm anyway?

If you’ve only just got your head around SEO, you may not have heard of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm. As a result of increased mobile devices online, Google decided to shake things up last year with a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. The algorithm was specifically designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results – something that’s become a must for all websites today.

Why is a mobile optimised website so important?

Aside from its links to search rankings, SEO, and Google’s new algorithm, mobile optimisation has become essential for any business hoping to compete in today’s world.

With vast numbers now accessing websites via mobile, a mobile-friendly site is key. Sites that appear clunky or unsuited to mobile are likely to switch customers off.

With a mobile site, you’ll win over Google, other search engines, and your target audience.

A webpage is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the following criteria:

  • Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash.
  • Uses text that is readable without zooming.
  • Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom.
  • Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped.

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