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Google Business View: give customers a 360° view of your business

Google Maps | Business View

Among the myriad of products and services that Google provides, Street View has to be one of the most remarkable.

The ability to take a virtual drive on the other side of the world or pinpoint the exact position of a specific destination are both entertaining and useful features.

Although Street View also allows prospective customers or clients to discover your location, is there a way for them to gain a more thorough and comprehensive perspective of the business?

The answer is yes, and it’s called Google Business View. This latest offering allows any organisation to provide customers with a 360-degree virtual tour inside their premises thanks to Street View technology.

This service might not be appropriate for everyone, but in cases where the inner workings of your premises play a fundamental role in your business – say, a beautifully appointed shop or bustling factory – its power and potential can be huge.

Benefits of Google Business View

  • Greater visibility – Staying competitive on Google is crucial and a great deal of today’s marketing efforts is geared towards SEO. Business View will appear on Google’s search results, Google Maps, Google+ Local and Street View. What’s more, you can easily embed Business View on your website too.
  • Unique perspective – It doesn’t matter whether you’re a traditional restaurant or modern retailer, Business View will allow customers to gain an innovative insight into the inner workings of your enterprise. In fact, it’s already been used for a wide range of intriguing and fascinating spaces…
  • Increased accessibility – Desktop and laptops computers are falling by wayside, as smartphones and tablets are becoming our browsing devices of choice. Google Business View can be viewed on every device imaginable, increasing accessibility for scores of customers.
  • Better customer relationships – In addition to providing existing customers with greater reasons to trust your brand, Google Business View has the potential to reach new audiences. Success stories have noted that online traffic and real-life footfall dramatically increased thanks to the service.
  • Enhanced reputations – When someone comes across this 360-degree virtual tour, they know they’re dealing with a professional, transparent, and honest business. They can get to know who they’re dealing with, even before they put a foot inside your premises.
  • Familiarity – The Street View interface is intuitive, easy to use and most people will have come across it before. But familiarity also extends to your business, as customers are bound to feel a lot more comfortable about buying a product if they know where it comes from.
  • Cost-effective – Levels of engagement shoot up when you use visual stimulation online, but constantly making videos or shooting images can take a lot of time and money to implement. Here at 21 Digital, we can set you up on Business View for as little as £149. On top of that, Google don’t charge a subscription fee, which means free hosting for life.

Leveraging Google Business View to increase the chances of online success makes great sense for most organisations.

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