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“I don’t click!” – Why AdWords Fear Is Holding Businesses Back

Google Adwords

While Google continues to do its best to demystify its AdWords tool, an air of confusion still surrounds this most polarising of online promotion platforms. The result? An out-right refusal by some brands to even think about getting on board.

Launched in 2000, Google AdWords has become one of the pillars of online advertising. But with many users struggling to get their heads around the measurements and metrics, not to mention CPC and CPM, it can all seem like a bit of a headache.

Little wonder, then, that many brands who come to us give a hearty head-shake when we ask them whether they use Google Adwords!

But here at 21 Digital, we’re not ones for giving up! We’ve had some great results using Google AdWords for our clients, so read on to find out why we think AdWords is on to a winner…

Tailored And Targeted Advertising

Google AdWords is great for targeting specific audiences in a controlled and measurable way, allowing you to:

Advertise by location, targeting countries, areas within a country or a radius around a specific location (e.g. 10miles around your business).

Cap your spend, by setting a daily budget that’s manageable for your company. Once your budget’s spent, your ads stop appearing for the day.

Measure, adjust and improve the success of your ongoing campaigns, increasing your spend on popular ads while reducing the cost of less effective ones.

Stay contract-free – despite its scary reputation, Google AdWords is actually the ultimate no-risk advertising option for businesses online; no contracts, no commitment.

We can get your business up-and-running with Google AdWords, helping you to target the people who matter.

Sponsored Listing

But Does Anyone Actually Click On Sponsored Listings?

Some of the businesses we’ve spoken to remain cynical, telling us “I don’t click!” when it comes to the sponsored listings at the top of their Google Search.

We’re not convinced – and why? Well, the stats tell another story…

Google Ads vs. Organic Listings

According to internet marketing software experts, WordStream, the top three ads on Google grab an average 41.1% of the clicks *.

Compare this with the top organic (non-paid) listing, which gets just 8.9%, and you’ll see why we’re big AdWords fans! *

Increased Authority

A study by UK research consultancy Bunnyfoot ** shows that many internet users can’t tell the difference between paid and organic search listings. In fact, 40% of web users surveyed didn’t know that the “sponsored listings” at the top of Google are actually adverts **.

Instead, they believed that the ads at the top of the page were high authority organic listings – basically, Google’s pick of the best.

Increased Brand Awareness

WordStream found that ‘net users who are exposed to display ads are around 155% more likely to search for brand specific terms ***. In simple terms: internet users remember brands who advertise on Google.

Compared with other online advertising

On average, a Google ad for high intent search terms gets 600 times more clicks than a similar Facebook ad *.

Yup – six hundred times!

Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars

Some Results Of Our Own…

We work hard to make sure that our clients get the best value from their Google AdWords spend. And we’re happy to confirm that, despite the grumbles of anti-AdWords stalwarts, we get plenty of clicks!

Over the last quarter, one of our Google AdWords clients, Manchester limo hire firm Limo-Scene received the following results:

  • 3,097 clicks
  • 34,145 impressions
  • 418 conversions (actual enquiries!)

And all at a cost per conversion of £3.09. Not bad, right?

21 Digital can take the pain out of AdWords and get you the results you need, so for an AdWords amnesty, call us on 01254 660 560 or email hello@21digital.agency!

* WordStream
** EConsultancy
*** WordStream


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