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Donald Race & Newton raises the bar

Donald Race & Newton

Leading Lancashire law firm Donald Race and Newton (DR&N) has tasked us with refreshing its identity with a complete brand overhaul.

Donald Race and Newton felt it needed to convey the firm’s offering more clearly to customers and that its identity had become a little dated.

“All businesses need to do something new from time to time,” says Sam Fletcher, Business Development Director at 21 Digital. “It’s important to stay current and show clients that you take yourself seriously.

“In order for a business to be more attractive to clients, companies must be willing to keep up-to-date with current marketing trends and changes in technology.”

As well as a brand refresh 21 Digital has been tasked with creating a new website and online presence for the law firm.

After completing the initial design phase, 21 Digital will implement a marketing campaign designed to raise brand awareness and increase new business enquiries.


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