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A Decade of Digital Exploration and Success

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Local digital agency 21Digital revitalises the online presence of a designer kitchen company

In today’s digital age, businesses are increasingly finding that the key to true commercial success is to have a strong digital presence to complement their service or product offering. One such business is Kitchen Design Centre, a successful contemporary designer kitchen company. Based in the North-West of England, the company has showrooms in Blackburn, Colne and Manchester – with two more showrooms due to open in Autumn 2017.

For over a decade, their online presence has been handled by 21Digital Agency, a strategic digital marketing agency in Blackburn.

Together, the two businesses have forged a partnership that has gone from strength to strength over a decade of digital exploration and success. During this time, 21Digital Agency has delivered a full suite of creative and digital marketing services for Kitchen Design Centre, including websites, internal and external print, social media, video production, photography and search marketing (SEO).

“21Digital Agency has delivered £1.5 million of revenue THIS YEAR with sales leads from digital marketing campaigns.”

Mark Gilligan, Kitchen Design Centre.

Roger Astin, Kitchen Design Centre’s owner and managing director, outlined how this partnership first began. “We realised that our digital presence needed some serious work, mainly in regards to the visibility of our company online. We weren’t getting enough quality leads from our website, and while we’ve got some award-winning showrooms, we weren’t seeing as much footfall as we wanted.”

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After a short hunt for a digital marketing agency, Roger and the staff of Kitchen Design Centre made the decision to turn to the team at 21Digital Agency. Roger explains that the main draw for them was 21Digital Agency ‘all under one roof’ service offering; something that Sam Fletcher, the agency’s Marketing Director, is happy to elaborate on.

“21Digital Agency has a multi-disciplined team made up of digital marketing experts in search marketing (SEO), Google Advertising (PPC), social media, coding and design.” he says. “We don’t outsource anything to external contractors – doing everything in-house means that we have a consistency across campaigns and maintain the quality of everything we do.”

  • Define
  • Design
  • Refine

As the agency’s Marketing Director, Sam is the one who takes the lead on new projects, and is the primary point of contact for clients. With well over 15 years of experience behind him, his ability to accurately assess markets across a range of industries makes him invaluable to customers in planning and executing campaigns. Sam’s expert insight comes part and parcel with 21Digital service offering, and is the driving force that allows the agency to connect brands with their target markets.

Under his oversight as dedicated project manager, 21Digital set to work on Kitchen Design Centre’s brief using their own unique, results-oriented approach. They refer to this process as “Define, Design and Refine”. It’s a flexible framework for their digital campaigns, separating their comprehensive service offering into three distinct stages.

The first step, Define, revolves around auditing the client’s overall digital presence, and setting out clear objectives. 21Digital regard themselves first and foremost as a results-oriented agency, so it’s at this stage they set benchmarks to use as key indicators in measuring the success of their campaigns later on. The next stage in 21Digital process, Design, involves the actual planning and implementation of the digital campaigns. Then the team at 21Digital Agency continually analyse and refine the results of every project they handle, using detailed Google Analytics, goal conversions and funnels to innovate and enhance their campaigns. This allows the agency to capitalise on strengths and improve upon weaknesses, all with a view towards getting the client the maximum return on investment.

“At the Define stage for Kitchen Design Centre, we began by conducting careful market research and analysis.” explains Sam. “Through this, one of the main things we identified was a desire amongst customers to see examples of real, personalised kitchens for their own inspiration. In other words they wanted to see the kitchens of other actual customers, as opposed to simply stock versions. We went on to develop our digital strategy around this concept and now, the ‘Real Kitchens’ section on their website has evolved to become the heart of the company’s proposition.”

A Results-Oriented Digital Agency With A Difference

  • 25% Growth, Year on year
    25% Growth,
    Year on Year
  • 88% Increase In Key Website Page Visit
    88% Increase In Key
    Website Page Visits
  • 48% Increase in Website Sign-Ups
    48% Increase in
    Website Sign-Ups

“I’m thrilled with how things are going so far.” Roger says. “The team at 21Digital Agency are very professional, and their expertise has really helped Kitchen Design Centre to take a huge leap forward on the digital side of things.”

So far, 21Digital Agency has delivered £1.5 million of revenue to Kitchen Design Centre with sales leads from digital marketing campaigns. Kitchen Design Centre are already finalising plans for their new showrooms due to open this year, showcasing the best examples of their stunning kitchens.

Meanwhile, the marketeers at 21Digital Agency continue to innovate with fresh approaches and ideas. For Kitchen Design Centre their focus is currently on video work, having identified a growing demand for this type of content amongst customers. They’re now concentrating on producing more videos of the kitchen design process, and showing how real families make the most of their beautifully designed kitchens.

In the meantime, the agency remains committed to continually expanding and improving upon its core services of Web Design, Web Development, Search Marketing, Google AdWords (PPC), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.


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