T-Forrest and Sons

Revitalising the brand of a family-owned manufacturer of quality dog treats.

Project Background

T-Forrest and Sons is a family-owned manufacturer of quality dog treats, with a rich heritage that stretches all the way back to 1937. They’re known for their quality sourcing of ingredients, which they trace from farm to bowl, resulting in tasty dog snacks with a high nutritional value.

The company was operating in an increasingly competitive sector, with growing numbers of retailers demanding individually packed dog treats rather than the wholesale boxes T-Forrest and Sons had traditionally offered. For the initial brief, 21Digital was brought on board to create and launch a new range of pre-packed dog treats.

Packaging Design

Our Process

We began by conducting thorough market research of high street retailers, wholesalers, and independent pet stores.

One key discovery revealed that consumer demand was driving a change in packaging; wholesale boxes in pet stores were falling out of favour, and instead consumers were increasingly purchasing single, conveniently re-sealable packets of their pooch’s favourite treat.

Our research also suggested that customers were being denied the opportunity to connect with the T-Forrest & Sons brand, leading to a lack of brand recognition amongst the public regarding the existing pet treat range.

T-Forrest & Sons - Website Design
T-Forrest & Sons - Logo Design
T-Forrest & Sons - Magazine Advert Design

21Digital proposed the creation of three new pet treat brands: Good, Better and Best.

After a successful naming exercise we scamped out a vision for the individual tiers, and three distinct brands were born – Woof ‘n’ Chew, Our Dog and Kanox, each appealing to a different subset of consumers whilst emphasising quality ingredients.

Each of these brands directly connected the consumer with T-Forrest & Sons, thanks to the application of a new company logo designed by the team at 21Digital.

The new company brand was rolled out across all customer touch points, including a new responsive website that makes use of high-resolution video.


The Results

The new brand tiers hit shelves in the summer of 2018, with the company having already received advance orders from several retailers impressed with their packaging.

Branding & Packaging

Branding & Packaging

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