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Win New Customers With Social Media Marketing

Win New Customers With social media marketing

Are you confused about where to focus your social media efforts? Or perhaps you’re struggling to understand the differences between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? When it comes to using social media for business it can sometimes feel like a daunting task. With so many channels to choose from – all offering new and exciting ways to engage, share, and drive traffic to your site – it can be difficult to know what to share and where.

Getting to grips with social media, however, is very important. It has the potential to transform your business and help you reach thousands or millions of new customers. But you don’t need a viral campaign to become a social media success. In fact, a better option is to adopt a creative, solid strategy that produces fresh and engaging content. While not groundbreaking, you’re sure to benefit from long-term consistent results.


Back to basics: How should social media be used?


  1. To drive traffic

First and foremost, social media should be driving traffic to your website. It’s not just about pretty images and quirky content; it’s about making sales. By sharing content that contains links back to your website, users can easily find exactly what they need.

Include relevant website links in your post and your domain in your profile – and make links clickable wherever possible.

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  1. To create awareness

If you’re new to social media, there’s a high chance that not many people have heard about you, your company, or your services. It doesn’t have to stay that way though. Social media is also an extremely valuable tool in creating awareness of your brand and reaching out to a mass audience quickly and efficiently. There are also lots of ways to create clever content through copy, images, and use of hashtags.

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  1. To engage with your audience

You can’t expect to grow a following without interacting with your audience. Listening to your customers is key for business development and this is true of social media as well. From order enquiries through Facebook to tweets with product reviews, engaging with your followers is extremely important for the image and reputation of your brand online. Follow up queries, thank customers who share positive feedback, and get to know your client base too. 

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  1. To create smart advertising campaigns

From traditional graphic based ads to video content, most channels now offer advertising platforms with great options for targeting demographics and the people that matter most to your brand. So don’t just pick the easy option when it comes to content, pick the right option for your audience and stand out from the crowd.

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  1. To share creative content 

Social media environments are the perfect place for creativity to shine and it’s certainly this type of content that really grabs people’s attention. No matter what your company size, you can still compete with any of the big brands when it comes to creativity. Anyone can create fresh, unique and easily identifiable content.

Blogs and news articles are another great way to gain exposure, get creative, and respond to customer needs. Add images, infographics, and video too to give your content that extra edge. Don’t forget to share your content on social media too once it’s live!

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Tip: Using eye catching content such as videos, gifs and graphics are a great way to stand out in a newsfeed.


Social media management at 21 Digital

Looking after all your social media needs is just another of our services here at 21 Digital. We have worked hard on improving the quality of content for clients across social media and increasing customer engagement. As a result, this has had a fantastic impact on sales and the wider business.

Typical outcomes have included:

  • Increased traffic to client websites
  • Goal conversions met
  • Increased number of transactions
  • Improved revenue

For more information on our Social Media Management services, drop an email to hello@21digital.agency



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