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We’ve got some hot Goss for you…

We’ve got some hot Goss for you We’ve got some hot Goss for you

Exciting news for all you Bros fans out there! We’re in the final push of a Paid Social Media campaign to promote the upcoming tour of 80’s music legend, Matt Goss! We were tasked with taking Matt’s tour to a new audience and raising awareness of his new performance style. The legendary Bros frontman is returning to the musical stage in the UK following his recent appearance on Strictly Come Dancing and an 11-year Las Vegas residency, and his new songs feature the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, bringing a real sense of grandeur and class to them!

Matt’s UK tour begins on the 15th March at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and features the music of one of the most iconic songwriters of all-time, Cole Porter, in a dazzling new set of arrangements with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and 15pc big band. The ads we created to promote the tour have so far reached over one million people, and the videos we created have amassed over two million plays.

Our Paid Social campaigns are the star of the show here at 21Digital, and we’re proud to have played a part in bringing Matt Goss’s tour to new audiences. Interested in finding out what we can do for you? Our in-house team of experts can help you generate interest in your event and drive traffic to your site. Who knows how many impressions it could attract!

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