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Why you should be using email marketing

Why you should be using email marketing

In 2015, over 51% of marketers rated email marketing as the most effective channel for generating leads, sales and conversions. This is just one of the many findings made in a recent UK digital marketing report by Smart Insights. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that in 2016, 59% of business owners intend to increase investment in email marketing campaigns. The question is: are you going to be one of those businesses making that crucial investment?

Creating an email marketing strategy is essential for any online business. Without it, you lose our on opportunities to take advantage of leads, lose out on converting clients, and as a result, lose out on potential profit. While email marketing has been around for a long time, recent years have seen the sophistication and effectiveness of this type of marketing change. It’s now one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and cost-effective too – but why else should you consider email marketing for your business?

The power of email marketing: Our top 5

  1. Increases brand awareness 

Do you want people to know about your brand and be reminded about what you can offer on a regular basis? With a solid strategy, smart design and well-crafted content, your brand will consistently build value with your target market. You will be the brand that first comes to mind when your customer needs products or services relating to your offerings. In turn, this means there’s a much higher chance of turning leads into clients – and clients into loyal customers.

Why you should be using email marketing

  1. Intelligence for your business 

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is crucial for business success. The great thing about email marketing campaigns is that they are easily measurable. You can determine quickly and precisely whether a person has opened your email and clicked through to a webpage – and whether it’s been a success. From viewing the number of sales generated by a specific campaign to viewing who’s opened your email, there are lots of ways we can track and measure your campaigns. Over time, this will help you to continue creating stellar and foolproof campaigns that work.

Why you should be using email marketing

  1. Easily shareable

In this day and age, sharing content is an important part of creating brand awareness and exposure. The majority of content can be shared with ease – including email. Whether it’s forwarding to a friend, posting to social media, or a mention on a blog or news site, your campaigns can be shared quickly and easily.


  1. Better customer targeting

Wouldn’t it be much easier, and cost-effective, if you could just target those people that are actively interested in your brand? With an email marketing strategy you can. You have total control over who sees an email and through further segmentation can choose what they see depending on their lead or customer status. This means customers are exposed to exactly the kind of things they want to see and don’t become disgruntled following handfuls of irrelevant emails.

Why you should be using email marketing

  1. Improved content – improving sales

Nowadays, people want more than just the ‘traditional’ email experience from their brands. Rather than paragraph after paragraph of text, customers want to see different types of media integrated too. This could include video, GIF images, clickable links – the list is endless. Creating something that people can engage and interact with is key to getting them interested.


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