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A trip to digital paradise

Dream Holiday Rentals

A holiday rental firm is living the dream with its brand new website, predicted to reel in five times more customers than before.

Dream Holiday Rentals desperately needed to redesign their old site, which hadn’t been updated in years.

The company, based in Blackburn, is an online business, so it was vital to get its site just right.

Out-dated, difficult to use and unattractive, Dream Holiday Rentals’ website was starting to cast a shadow on the company’s future. Keen to make a change, owners Adam and Asif tasked 21 Digital to create a new website that would attract new visitors and improve user experience.

Adam Sidat, co-owner of Dream Holiday Rentals, said:
“We’d outgrown our existing website. It was becoming a bit of a problem to be honest – things didn’t work and customers just didn’t understand how to use it.

“We knew it was time for an update to increase our brand awareness, support company growth and add to our customer service through better usability.”

With the new website up-and-running, Dream Holiday Rentals can easily manage their database of properties on behalf of their clients. Users can easily list and amend their properties, and the search facility has been dramatically improved.

Adam commented:
“We expect our sales to dramatically increase – in fact, we expect our profits to increase five-fold!

“The new site will also reduce incoming calls, because it’s so simple to use, giving us more time to spend on the customer calls that do need our attention.”

As with all 21 Digital websites, Dream Holiday Rentals’ site is beautifully designed, encouraging visitors to stick around and return frequently – attractive, easy-to-use sites mean happy customers.

“It’s your shop window online,” said Sam Fletcher, Business Development Director at 21 Digital. “Obviously it needs to look top notch in order to generate leads, which is what we always make sure we deliver.”

And we’ll leave the final word to Adam, who is thrilled with Dream Holiday Rentals’ new online look:

“The new website shows our company in a much better light and will really improve our business model long term.

“21 Digital is a great firm which really has its clients’ best interests at heart. We are very happy with our new website and expect it to do very well.”

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