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Sound expertise – SEN in Ten’s podcast and website are now live!

Sound expertise - SEN in Ten’s podcast and website are now live! Sound expertise - SEN in Ten’s podcast and website are now live!

We’re hugely proud of our latest project – our team has just launched the SEN in Ten podcast website, dedicated to providing valuable insights and information on special educational needs.

Our team was chosen for this project based on the amazing outcomes we delivered for SEN in Ten’s parent organisations, Ascentis and IDLS, which you can read all about on our blog.

This website and podcast both mark a significant step forward in making valuable guidance and support accessible to those involved in Special Educational Needs (SEN) education.

The website’s main purpose is to host the brand new SEN in Ten podcast, a groundbreaking series hosted by SEN expert Darren Clark. Each episode offers practical, concise advice from top experts in the field of SEN education. The episodes are thoughtfully crafted to provide crucial insights and best practices in just 10 minutes, catering to the busy schedules of educators and caregivers. SEN in Ten covers a broad range of topics, from strategies for supporting learners with SEN to navigating classroom challenges.

The platform has been designed to serve as an invaluable resource for anyone caring for someone with SEN or living with it themselves, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have.

SEN in Ten podcast website
SEN in Ten podcast website

Our design team created a visually appealing and user-friendly website for the podcast series, incorporating the brand’s logo and branding elements seamlessly. We also focused on optimising the website for search engines, implementing on-page SEO techniques and setting up tracking GA4 to help the client collect accurate data and understand how people interact with the website. It was a pleasure to work on such an inspiring project, and we’re really pleased with how the final result turned out.

“Working on the SEN in Ten project was a great experience, and I’m really pleased to see it launched. Looking forward to seeing how it helps in SEN education.” – Steven Taylor, Creative Director.

“Ascentis and SEN in Ten do some brilliant work in the community and it’s for an amazing cause, so it was really a hugely rewarding experience, and a privilege to work on,” said Steven Taylor, our Creative Director. “We’re very proud to see it come to fruition – and looking forward to tuning in!”

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