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The Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing A Digital Agency

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Another entry in our series on how to choose the perfect partner agency, this week we’re looking how to ask the right questions from your digital marketing agency.

This is more important than some people think. A right answer for you might be a completely wrong answer for someone else, so it’s vital to make sure your priorities match with the agency’s right from the very beginning.

Why Bother Asking Questions?

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We understand that if you’re not completely confident on all things digital, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the information piled on you by SEOs. However, there are some simple questions you can ask that cut through the jargon, giving you some clear answers about the agency you’re about to do business with.

You don’t necessarily need technical knowledge to understand the answers either, as most of them just need simple, straightforward responses.

If the agency is using jargon in their answers, don’t be afraid to point that out, or explain the key terms to you. As we said last week, it’s their job to communicate this information clearly with you, so if they’re not that might be a warning sign!

What Are Good Questions To Ask?

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We’ve been in the digital game for a long time here at 21 Digital, so we know the best issues to raise. Some of the questions we recommend are:

  1. What kind of results do you expect to see, and in what sort of timeframe?

This is obviously an important one, as it’s good to define your goals well in advance. That way, you’re all working on a common level of understanding going forward.

  1. How will you communicate changes and developments to me?

You can use this question to ask after the communication tool they prefer to use (so email, phone, face-to-face etc).

But, it’s also a good point to ask what they think is worthy of contacting you about, and what sort of changes they think it’s not worth bothering you over. You never know, your definitions of what’s important might differ, so it’s a great idea to get all that ironed out before money changes hands.

  1. How will you justify the decisions you make about my website and campaigns?

Another good one, as you might find that various agencies reason their approaches in different ways. For example, one agency might prioritise a set of data that another agency might deem to be less relevant.

It doesn’t necessarily make any one better than the other, but it is a good plan to pin down their reasoning processes before they begin working on your brand.

  1. What are some of your preferred SEO techniques?

Most good agencies will tailor their approach based on the needs and goals of their individual clients. It’s certainly what we like to do here at 21 Digital!

Of course, in the early stages you might not fully understand the answer, but as we said last week, trust your instincts! If any of their techniques sound shady, unreliable or unpredictable to your ears, now is a good time to give them a chance to explain them.

If you’re still not convinced by the answers, it might be a good idea to keep your options open with other digital agencies – at least until they’re able to explain themselves clearly and to your satisfaction.

  1. Do you offer any other online marketing services to support your SEO offering?

This is arguably not the most essential question, but it’s a fantastic one to ask to make sure you’re getting the maximum value from your digital agency. What’s more, it’s often a handy side indicator of their level of expertise in the digital industry!

At 21 Digital, this last question is something we’re always able to answer with absolute confidence. We offer a full suite of digital services alongside our SEO offering, including: Web Design, Web Development, Email Marketing, Google Adwords (PPC), and Social Media Marketing.

We have in-house experts that cover each one in exhaustive detail. We don’t outsource anything, and there are no gaps in our expertise. It’s simple: we work closely with you to help you make it on the web

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