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Pura Vida Furniture: the future of river resin

Pura Vida Furniture is a new startup business, looking to firmly put its stamp on the luxury home furnishing space. The business specialises in producing the finest, on-trend epoxy ‘river’ resin furniture, and each of its offerings is a unique, expertly crafted masterpiece in its own right. The business’ range includes a variety of dining tables, headboards, boardroom tables and work surfaces.

The name “Pura Vida Furniture”was chosen following a naming exercise conducted by our marketing team and is a Costa Rican saying/way of life meaning “Pure Life”. We thought this perfectly reflected the values, ethos and ambition of the brand. Following brand identity we are now crafting the eCommerce store – the client opted for a WordPress WooCommerce platform due to its ease of use.

Our Creative Director Steven Taylor said this about the project: “ We’re really excited by the uniqueness of the Pura Vida Furniture range. We work with alot of home furnishing brands, but nothing quite like this! We’re really pleased with the work we’ve done on the brand so far, and we’re looking forward to bringing this to life with a new eCommerce website”

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