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Kickstart 2015 with 21Digital and the Enterprise Nation Marketplace

Enterprise Nation Marketplace

Do you want to grow your small business through the use of subsidised business advice? Do you think that with the help of experts, you could turn your start-up into a fully-fledged success?

The government’s £30m Growth Vouchers, supported by businesses like 21 Digital, has recently launched to help small businesses grow through the use of regulated, subsidised business advice.

21 Digital are offering subsidised expert advice

21 Digital has already supported two businesses via this initiative. We’re really proud to be helping new and existing businesses grow and develop in this rapidly changing digital age. The sorts of advice we’re giving clients who come to us via the Growth Voucher scheme includes:

  1. Helping businesses to develop effective marketing strategies
  2. Analysis of your target market – including competitors, opportunities and threats
  3. How to target existing and potential customers – including comprehensive customer analysis
  4. Using social media to extend research into new markets
  5. Developing your own brand and improving your competitive edge
  6. Making your communications more effective and integrated across your business

The Growth Vouchers programme will deliver support for up to 20,000 small businesses in England, with vouchers of up to £2,000 being awarded to those successful small businesses.

Helping your business grow in 2015

Those who are successful will be able to use their vouchers to pay for business support in one of the following specialist areas:

  • Finance and cashflow
  • Expanding your workforce
  • Leadership and management
  • Marketing and customer service
  • IT and web

Chosen businesses will have to match the voucher amount they receive with their own funds of the same value, but with 50% off fantastic, business-building services it’s certainly a fantastic opportunity.

To be eligible, your business has to be actively selling goods and services and have a turnover of no greater than £45m. You also need to own 75% or more of your business and have 250 employees or less. For full details on this, please see further details on the Growth Vouchers website.

Sam Fletcher, Marketing Director

Commenting on the initiative, Sam Fletcher, Marketing and Business Development Director at 21 Digital says:

“We’re really glad to be providing support and expertise to new and small businesses.

“We’re are already supporting a number of businesses via this scheme and look forward to working with more.

“Our aim, as with all our clients, is to help our Growth Voucher clients become more successful – whether that’s by generating sales leads, promoting their brand, or communicating complex messages to their target audience.”

To find out more about the scheme and discover how you can use the vouchers to work with the team here at 21 Digital, visit the Enterprise Nation Marketplace where you’ll be able to apply for the programme online. Good luck!


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