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Keep things fresh with our NEW Pro Maintenance package

Pro Maintenance package

Imagine having your very own team of highly skilled graphic and web designers at your disposal, updating your website and keeping things engaging throughout every step of your business.

Well that’s exactly what you will have with 21 Digital’s Pro Maintenance web package, available from as little as £160 + vat per month.

This new package was designed specifically to remove the hassle of updating your website with news updates, new products, graphical banners and more.

Making life easier

We know that website updates can take up a lot of your business time, as well as being a little frustrating at times – believe us, we’ve been there too! So, with Pro Maintenance, we can take your website off your hands (or away from your fingertips so to speak!) and take care of everything for you. You’ll not just have someone doing all that hard work for you. You’ll have real experts with years of experience in their field, working hard to make sure your website stays on top of its game – you can’t get better than that can you?

What’s your biggest challenge?

We asked clients what their biggest challenge was with their website. Overwhelmingly they said it was keeping their website fresh and engaging with high quality graphics. This is why we tailored our Pro Maintenance web package to meet those requirements. Just because a job is tough, doesn’t mean it should be pushed to the side.

The importance of keeping things up to date

An up to date website is vital to the success and credibility of your business. Firstly, it shows you’re on top of things, you’re organised and you’re trustworthy. No one likes visiting a website page with ugly graphics and a blog page which hasn’t been updated in a year.

Lasting impression

Secondly, your website is the first (and potentially last) impression a customer will get of your business. So you need to make sure it accurately represents you, what you do and what you stand for now – not three months ago. Keeping projects, staff changes and contact details up to date are just a few things that are important to consider here.

Make Google smile

Lastly, Google loves an up to date website. It’s always looking for fresh, new content and evidence that you’re a current, successful, useful business. You’ll certainly struggle to get on page one without updating your website frequently.

Want to have a chat about our new Pro Maintenance web package and see how it could benefit your business? Or perhaps you’d like to readdress your digital strategy and adopt our new package along with some of our standalone services online?

Whatever it is your looking for when it comes to your digital presence, we can help at 21 Digital. Give us a call on 01254 660 560 for a no obligation chat.


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