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Is the age of Internet browsing from your laptop or desktop about to end?

New figures suggest that tablet and smartphone sales will skyrocket in the next four years and, according to analysts, desktops and notebook sales will fall by 21% between 2012 and 2017.

Smartphones are already outselling PCs by five to one and the parallel growth in tablets is only speeding the trend up.

By 2017, mobile devices will be outcompeting PCs by 8 to 1.

This presents a problem for businesses…

Sam Fletcher, Marketing Director at 21 Digital, comments: “Through monitoring our clients web analytics, we’ve seen a steady growth in visitors browsing using tablets and smart devices over the past two years.

“Consumers are frustrated by sites that are not compatible or simply don’t work when browsing on a smart device or tablet. Businesses need to act now or be left behind!”

What’s the solution?

The solution is to create something called a “responsive web design“, which gives mobile users a better experience while making it easier to manage. The type of website will fit almost any screen as well as enhance your search visibility.

It senses which device is being used and automatically changes itself to display and function well, reorganising the layout, such as images and navigation.

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