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How Search Was the Driving Force Behind the Growth of a Leading UK Recycling Company

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Search Marketing (SEO) is a vital part of what we do here at 21Digital Agency, and we’ve got an excellent track record of delivering clear, tangible results. Amongst our portfolio of satisfied customers is Recycling Lives, an award-winning waste management company known for its inspirational charitable work in the North West, which it supports and sustains via a number of dot com businesses. One of these websites is Scrap Car Network, which helps car owners to scrap their vehicles while supporting Recycling Lives’ charitable activities.

A Bit About Scrap Car Network

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You may well have heard of Scrap Car Network – it’s a nationwide partnership of scrap car dealers and breakers, with sites all across the country. Customers are connected to these dealers through the organisation’s website, ScrapCarNetwork.org, which acts as a hub for customers to arrange the most convenient time and place for their car to be collected.

The team at Recycling Lives had a simple aim for Scrap Car Network, which was to make it the UK’s number one car scrappage company. This would both benefit environmental causes through their responsible approach, as well as maximising the financial and practical support the business could offer Recycling Lives’ charitable programmes.

The key to achieving these goals was to first of all improve Scrap Car Network’s online visibility, and this was the chief aim when they approached our marketing team at 21Digital Agency.

The Brief For Our Marketing Experts

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21Digital was given the objective of improving the organic visibility of ScrapCarNetwork.org for key industry-related search terms. By boosting their organic rankings in search engine results, we also aimed to increase website traffic and conversions, reduce the cost-per-lead acquisition for the business, and increase the number of customer bookings for the site’s scrap car services.

21Digital Agency Approach

Using our unique approach of Define, Design and Refine, we began by carrying out a full, comprehensive SEO audit of ScrapCarNetwork.org, so we could identify its strengths and weaknesses from a search engine perspective.

With the Define stage complete, we moved on to Design. Using information gathered at the Define stage, we set about designing a tailored search marketing campaign, working closely in tandem with Recycling Lives’ in-house web designers and developers. Our rapport with the client’s team quickly evolved into a productive partnership that allowed us to make significant strides in raising Scrap Car Network’s online profile.

Meanwhile, our copywriting experts were kept busy creating unique on-page content to overcome quality issues identified by our audit, while our SEO team implemented ongoing technical changes and analysis. By producing quality, relevant content using solid analytical data and rationale to support our decisions, we were able to successfully boost visibility in organic search engine rankings. Ultimately, this led to an increase in website traffic for Scrap Car Network, which in turn resulted in an increase in conversions. Good news all round!

The Outcomes

21Digital Agency is still working in partnership with Recycling Lives and the Scrap Car Network team today having built a strong relationship over the course of well over 12 months. Since we’ve started working with them we’ve already passed some impressive milestones – if we do say so ourselves! In the space of just six months, we increased Scrap Car Network’s website conversions by 77%, with a corresponding rise of 168% in website traffic.

“I couldn’t be happier with the work 21Digital Agency is doing,” said Will Fletcher, the managing director of Recycling Lives. “They’re a hardworking and dedicated team and we’ve seen some fantastic results from their efforts.”

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