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Google AdWords rebrands to become Google Ads

Google AdWords rebrands to become Google Ads

If you’re already taking advantage of our Paid Search services here at 21Digital Agency, you’ll probably already have a pretty good idea of what Google AdWords is. Basically, it’s Google’s own advertising platform, launched all the way back in 2000. When it first started, the focus of Google AdWords just running text-based ads on desktop search results, (hence the ‘Words’ part of the name).

Almost 20 years has passed since then, and the world of digital marketing has moved on a lot! Today, it’s not using just text-based keywords anymore – Google Ads supports loads of different formats and types of ads. There’s shopping, display, and video (just to name a few), all displaying across Google’s full suite of services, including Search, Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, and Maps.

Google AdWords rebrands to become Google Ads

So, what’s behind the change?

Well, in a nutshell, recently Google have decided that it’s time for their brand to be updated to reflect this expanded product offering, and they’ve now officially rebranded Google AdWords to become Google Ads. The change doesn’t require any action from advertisers (neither from you nor us here at 21Digital Agency) – the idea is just to make things simpler for everyone. The only real change from our perspective is the overhaul of the old AdWords interface, which Google plans to officially retire by the end of 2018. The new, replacement interface was rolled out in July, and I think it’s a big improvement! I’m not the only one, either…

“It’s great!” says Uzair, our new PPC executive. “There’s a tonne of new features on it, all of which make it even faster and easier to use. My favourite is the ability to create custom dashboards, which I can customise to show more detailed reporting on the specific metrics I’m focusing on. It saves a lot of clicking back and forth!”

As I mentioned above, it’s mainly an update for us – it won’t affect your campaigns, and there’s nothing you need to do. If you’ve got any questions, you can always pick up the phone and give us a buzz. PPC is my personal area of expertise here at 21Digital Agency, and a core service which we’ve used to deliver some fantastic results to customers. Click here to learn more about our Paid Search services, or feel free to ring us on 01254 660 560. We’re here to help!

Sam Fletcher
Sam Fletcher is 21Digital Agency Head of Agency, responsible for overseeing all strategic digital marketing, with a personal specialism in PPC (Google AdWords). A keen mountain biker and motoring enthusiast, he has a lifelong dual passion for both business and design, which he now uses to come up with bespoke, creative marketing campaigns.


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