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Generate more Pinterest in your business


Do you use Pinterest to market your business? Well, if you didn’t before, you should be now.

Pinterest, an online pin board where users can upload and share – or “repin” images, now has a staggering 70 million users and more than 2.5 billion page views worldwide.

With access to such high volumes of online traffic, it’s pretty safe to say that this image-based social networking platform, once considered a niche alternative to popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, should be pinned right near the top of any business’s marketing priority list.

While users previously contented themselves with basic images, Pinterest is now offering “pinners” the chance to add more value to their visuals: the site has just launched a new feature that allows users to add more info to their pinned images, called “Rich Pins”.

So, that’s more useful info about your product, like pricing options and a direct link to the point-of-sale – all visible in real time.

With Rich Pins, just like with regular pins, you can harness viral marketing oomph and get your customers to do the hard work for you! Just by adding a ‘Pin It’ button on your website, and having great images for your products and services, you can grab pinners’ attention and spread the word about your business.

Better yet, with Rich Pins now in place, the people who see your shared pins will have all the information they need to make a purchase with a single click.

Just the beginning for business Pinterest

Right now, there are four types of Rich Pins: movie, article, recipe and product. The word from Pinterest is that the introduction of rich pins “is just the beginning – we hope to make all pins more useful in the coming months.”

While Pinterest doesn’t make money from these enhanced pins at present, it is taking its first steps towards monetisation by experimenting with promoting pins.

Evidence already shows that Pinterest influences its users’ buying behaviour, but many brands aren’t quite sure how to best use Pinterest yet.

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