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Front End Developer Joins 21 Digital’s Expanding Development Team

Lee Foley

We’ve been designing, developing and launching bespoke websites for over 15 years now, ever since Steven and I first started the agency back in 2003. As 21Digital Agency grew over the years, we branched out into a number of other digital disciplines, including PPC, organic search and social media, and I’m proud to say we’ve done some outstanding work in those areas for our clients – and still continue to do so!

Crafting beautiful functional websites, though, has still always been very much a core focus for us, and we’re passionate about keeping all aspects of this design and coding process in-house. As part of our ongoing development and expansion plans, earlier this year I was thrilled to welcome Lee Foley onto our team, a local chap from Darwen who’s joined us as our front end web developer.


A little bit about Lee’s background

Lee has over a decade of industry experience as a front end web developer, and over this period he’s been involved in countless digital projects, ranging from simple one-page websites to more complex e-commerce systems. Lee combines his abilities in HTML and CSS with a talent for Javascript, which he uses to skilfully bring the design team’s ideas to life on the web.

With mobile browsing now a vital part of the modern user experience, Lee plays a crucial role implements the latest coding techniques and standards to ensuring that the websites we create display and function perfectly on all devices. With a role at 21Digital Agency that caters perfectly to his skillset, Lee’s now bringing his expertise to enhance our all-under-one-roof offering here at the agency.

“Part of the 21Digital Agency ethos is pushing boundaries in web design, and we’ve got a fantastic team for it here in-house.” says Lee. “There’s no shortage of ideas when crafting a new design, so I’ve always got a new challenge as I look to deliver the team’s vision – making sure that each site we create is not just beautiful visually, but also responsive and functional across all browser types.”


Why Lee’s role is crucial to your website’s success

Lee’s already played a vital role in the launch of several brilliant websites we’ve recently produced for our clients, and his work is not to be underestimated. One aspect of this is mobile functionality, which is far from an afterthought in modern website designs. In fact, today it’s one of the most crucial elements! Mobile overtook desktop as the primary web browsing method some years ago, so if you’re not accounting for mobile you’re potentially cutting yourself off from a huge base of customers.

Web Design and Web Development make up two crucial elements of our service here at 21Digital Agency, so you can trust us to know what we’re talking about! You can click the links above to find out more, or alternatively give us a call on 01254 660 560 to find out how we can help!

Michael Cain
Michael Cain is 21Digital Agency Technical Director, responsible for developing, coding and maintaining the technical infrastructure of our clients’ websites here at 21Digital Agency. A die-hard Clarets fan with a passion for football, in his spare time he’s a coach and talent scout for Manchester City Youth Academy.


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