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Finding Nemo, MySpace, 21Digital – what have they got in common?

Finding Nemo, MySpace, 21Digital - what have they got in common? Finding Nemo, MySpace, 21Digital - what have they got in common?

Think you know yet? Easy… they’re all now 20 years old! Time absolutely flies – it feels like only yesterday. Happy birthday to us!

We’re celebrating our 20th birthday in style; with a new social media campaign we’ve called Two Decades of Digital Exploration. Over the next 12 months, we’ll be highlighting some of the biggest developments that have shaped the digital world throughout 21Digital’s lifetime. You’ll see some of the biggest worldwide changes that have fundamentally influenced the key services we offer, encompassing design, web development, SEO and PPC. That includes, for example, major Google updates, the rise of Responsive Web Design, and the explosion of AI-driven technologies in the world of digital marketing.

Our managing director Sam Fletcher said: “The agency gets its name from the fact that the founders, including myself, were twenty-one-years-old when we launched. So, it doesn’t take a maths genius to work out we’ve been in this business almost half of our entire lives.

The industry has undergone huge change in that time. Our Two Decades of Digital Exploration campaign aims to celebrate that, along with the people that have been with us on our journey.

“But it’s not all about looking back – it’s about showing readiness for the future. With factors like AI dominating the news, the industry is set to undergo further change. But we hope our history through the last twenty years shows that change is the only constant, and is nothing to be feared.

“Despite working through huge technological and societal changes in the last twenty years, 21Digital has achieved ongoing growth, year-on-year – and the last few years in particular have been exceptional.

“We hope our campaign shows that if you embrace change, you will not just survive, but thrive. Here’s to the next twenty years!”

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