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Drive more sales with Google Shopping

If you’re looking to give your business an extra boost into Spring, it may be worth taking advantage of Google Shopping.

We all know the power Google has to reach our target markets, and by using Google Shopping you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed on the World Wide Web. Your product will no longer be nestled within lists of similar products on Google Search. Instead, it will be displayed as a thumbnail image taking centre stage on the page.

Your product will appear in google.co.uk search results, within the commercial unit, and on the right hand side panel, along with other sponsored ads. It will also be displayed on google.co.uk/shopping – a go-to place for many savvy shoppers. Here, shoppers can compare your product to similar products or the same product sold across other retail outlets.

What’s more, you’ll be able to connect with customers on all devices, whether they’re sat at home or on the go. All Google Shopping ads are displayed on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets – ensuring maximum reach.


Why use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping gives a customer all the information they need to know about your product in one place. The advert includes a picture of your item, along with its price and your shop name. By displaying this information upfront, it’s easy for a potential customer to compare similar items from a variety of retailers and click through to purchase the one that best fits their needs. Imagery and competitive pricing obviously encourage a customer that your product is right for them.

Unlike other Google Ads, your potential customer will have a very good idea of what they’re going to find on your website from the product listing ad alone and so are more likely to click. With a more general ad, which omits pricing details and doesn’t include images, there is less chance that a customer will purchase your item after clicking through to your page. This is because prices and product details may vary wildly from what they had in mind.

Another huge benefit of Google Shopping is that you only pay for results. With your product listing ad, you’re only charged if someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website. At this point, considering they’ve already given your product some thought and know what to expect, conversion to actually buy your product is relatively high.

Sam Fletcher, Marketing Director

Sam Fletcher, Marketing Director at 21 Digital says:

“Our clients get great results from Google Shopping product listing adverts, as customers can see how much a product is without clicking the advertisement. These ads tend to generate a higher click through rate and lower cost per conversion.”

If you’d like some professional help with your Google advertising strategy get in touch with Sam Fletcher, our Marketing Director. He’ll be more than happy to talk you though what we can offer and share some recent case studies.


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