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Creating wonderful things across Lancashire

We’ve been busy creating something wonderful for the people of Pennine Lancashire this month!

Lancashire families looking for a day out can find something right on their own doorstep through our newly created website .

The campaign, ‘Wonderful Things’, aims to help the public re-discover the ‘wonders’ of Lancashire’s local museums.

During the Industrial Revolution, Pennine Lancashire was one of the most important and wealthy places in the world.

Today, the wonderful collections and lavish architecture of its museums, mills and historic houses tell stories of the money made and spent in the region.

The new website, wonderful-things.org.uk, is a visual online trail. On the website, commissioned by Arts Council England, users can move around the trail and reveal information, pictures, video, audio and helpful links.

“The new Wonderful Things website is an easy to use, interactive experience for users. It really is more innovative, different and creative than many websites out there,” said Elaine of Creativity Works, who helped deliver the project.

Steven Taylor, Creative Director at 21 Digital, said: “The website uses the latest jQuery and CSS technology making the experience interactive and memorable for users!”

Take a look: .

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