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Content really does matter!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content matters!’ – but it’s not as simple as just dumping any old words onto your new website.

When you’re working on design, it’s easy to overlook the content. I mean, you’ve got so much to think about already…

But if getting your message across properly matters to you, then you need to deal with it.

We’ve decided to help out by giving you some insight into the mind of content editors to show you how to make the most of your existing website copy.


If you want flexible, adaptable content, the most important principal to understand is the structure.

What are you publishing? Is it an interview, a feature, a product, a bio, a recipe, or a company manifesto? You will then recognise the way your users see the content and what it means.

Once you have disposed of the garbage and restructured the content, you’ll need to decide what attributes each type of content needs to turn all of those old shapeless “blobs” into defined content.

Do articles need date stamps? By-line? Images? Features? Benefits? Timelines? Ingredients? Pull quotes?


Once you’ve broken down your big, messy chunks of content, you’ll realise there’s always more you can do – more structure, attributes and editing.

There are no definite answers – all you can do is find the right balance for each project, recognising the importance of the structure on each page, and keeping your target audience in mind at all times.

A clear understanding

Your site will be much better if you seek to understand your content. There will be fewer design issues when the content gets placed and it will be easier to keep things ordered after launch.

If you are struggling with your content, we can help, with our own copywriting, marketing and design team working in unison. Contact 21 Digital at sam@21digital.agency to find out more.


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