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Climbing the vine

Have you noticed the six-second looping videos all over your Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds? Well, we think that this simple idea could turn out to be a key factor in your online marketing success.

These ‘microfilms’ are appearing thanks to a Twitter mobile app called Vine that allows an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to create and post videos to Twitter and Facebook.

It’s easy to use – just point the device, touch the screen and the app will records six seconds of footage. You can stop and start it as you please and record right where you left off.

Six seconds may sound like an incredibly short time but it’s just enough to capture attention about products or services.

How should businesses be using this app?

Steven Taylor, Creative Director at 21 Digital, explains: “Many online shoppers are visual learners and a quick film can show many things – such as customer testimonials or adverts.”

You might be tempted to go overboard with these six-second films by making lots of them with little thought – but you should avoid this at all costs!

Put the same amount of care into them as you would in writing an article – be clear, creative, and reflect the ethos of your business.

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