16/07/22 5 Minute Read

5 minute read

Client success: a ClickDimensions CRM integration with WordPress

21Digital has delivered a project to integrate a lead generation website with the client’s internal customer relationship management software (CRM), saving significant amounts of admin time and costs for a national crane hire company.

The project has taken the company’s relationship with 21Digital to new heights – a relationship that began when they brought us on board to deliver a national search marketing (SEO) campaign.

Following the success of our organic search marketing campaign, the client enjoyed a massive influx of new business enquiries. These leads were originally manually managed – which meant that as the volume of leads increased, so did the amount of admin required to deal with them.

To address this problem, the client invested in ClickDimensions CRM. They tasked us with handling the integration of this CRM solution with their website, and the finished result was a completely integrated solution that automatically processed incoming leads, freeing up valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on admin.

It’s a great example of how we can save our clients hours of work every day with fully integrated solutions. The question is: what can we do for your business?

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