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Catch Customers On The Go: Responsive Email Could Save Your Business

Responsive Email Marketing
Now more than ever, businesses need to be able to connect with customers on the hop. In a busy world, where a quick swipe of a mobile or tablet often stands in for a sit-down session at a computer, responsive email marketing is a brilliant option.

Get smart in a smartphone world

Responsive email marketing is one of the latest tactics tech-savvy businesses are using to stay connected to their smartphone- and tablet-loving customers. This kind of communication can make the difference between your mails being read and interacted with, or sent to the trash folder by your busy potential customer as they commute, wait for a meeting or have a quick coffee.

Keeping up with customers’ technology habits

Look around you. Even if you’re not personally a big phone-user, there’s no denying that there’s a smartphone (or twenty!) in sight on every street corner.

According to Email Monday, up to a whopping 70% of emails are opened from a mobile device*, so the chances are that a large number of your recipients will read emails on their phones.

If the emails appear small, unreadable or full of blocky white spaces where graphics and images should be, it’s unlikely that they’ll get more than a glance before being dumped in the trash. In fact, according to email experts BlueHornet, 70% of consumers immediately delete emails that don’t render well on a mobile device**.

Neglecting your mobile customers means missing out on vital business. It’s important to understand how customers use technology in order to maximise your marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Streamlined Communications

You could consider sending out different types of communications such as those suited to PC browsers as well as those suited to mobile phones, tablets, eReaders and more, but how would you know who uses what? Sending out a responsive email eliminates the guess work and ensures that your communications are readable on all platforms, without spending extra time and money on sending out multiple communications

Not an iPhone user? Not a problem!

With all the hype, it’s easy to assume that most smartphone users own an iPhone, but that isn’t the case. In fact, figures from tech site V3.co.uk*** suggest that android phones are set to increase their hold on the market in 2014, accounting for up to 79% of all UK smartphones.

Responsive email marketing will ensure that your emails fit all types of smartphone screens so that you can reach everyone in one communication. Failing to cater for your customers’ needs pushes them towards the unsubscribe button, leaving you with dissatisfied customers and a rapidly shrinking mailing list.

Keep the key messages; eliminate the excess

If your customers are reading emails on their mobile, it’s because they’re on the move and hoping to read things quickly. Responsive email marketing can be formatted to eliminate unnecessary text when reading from a mobile device and ensure that the reader just sees the important details, plus your call to action.

Ready to get responsive? 21 Digital can help!

Using responsive email marketing is the easiest and most effective way of ensuring that your business is able to connect with customers using their preferred technology, and eliminates the risk of opt outs and miscommunication.

Here at 21 Digital, we’ve already had some great results using responsive email marketing to help our clients connect with their customers. Remember: if you can catch your target market on the hop using pro-active responsive marketing, you might well beat a competitor to the punch!


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** BlueHornet
*** V3.co.uk


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