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Case Study: 21 Digital adds a Touch of Magic to Nursery Website

Magical Tree Nurseries

Here at 21 Digital, we love a new challenge. So, when we were commissioned by Magical Tree Nurseries in Burnley to transform their website from drab to fab, we got right to work…

The Challenge…

Magical Tree’s old website was a tired and basic design – full of information but seriously lacking in inspiration. It was time to send the original website to the naughty corner and bring in a truly magical replacement that would reflect the company’s vibrant brand and exciting services.

During our briefings with Magical Tree, we discovered that the nursery needed a website that would act as a streamlined and easy-to-update information resource, generating new interest and allowing for interaction between existing clients.

It also needed a sleek new look, and an intuitive content management system to support the website behind the scenes.

Responsive Web Design

What 21 Digital Did Next…

Once Magical Tree’s old website had been put in time-out, we set about creating a beautiful and responsive website design.

Lively new colours and images have given the visual branding a lift, while quality photographs from inside the nursery give a sneak peek of what the children get up to once their parents and carers have gone!

There’s much more tailored information on the site now – everything that new and existing clients could want to know, from the children’s daily activities to the tasty seasonal menus.

A Word From Our Technical Director

21 Digital’s Technical Director, Michael Cain, led on the project and commented:

“We worked closely with Magical Tree to create a fantastic-looking, information-rich website that’s accessible by all and has very easy management capabilities.

“Being a techy person, I was really pleased with how the system came together. The client just loved the design, and how simple it was to update – all they needed to get up-and-running was a quick tutorial.

“We got the site launched in time to coincide with a billboard advertising campaign in the local area, so that was the icing on the cake, really – another job well done!”

So there we have it: Magical Tree Nurseries now has an attractive and accessible website that’s optimised for use across multiple devices – so wherever clients old and new find themselves, they can always get a magical user experience.

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