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How You Can Benefit From Combining Our SEO And CRO Services

combining seo and cro services

Conversion Rate Optimisation – or CRO for short – is one of the newest services we’ve recently unveiled here at 21 Digital, and already some of our customers are starting to see some fantastic results from it – especially when it’s coupled with our Search Marketing (SEO) services. We appreciate, though, that it can be a little tricky to work out the relationship between SEO and CRO at first glance, so in this week’s blog, we’re aiming to give you a bit of insight into exactly how they tie in together – and produce brilliant results when they do!

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

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Before we can dive right in, we need to make sure you know what we’re talking about when we discuss our SEO services. If you’re a regular customer of ours, you’ll likely already know – it’s a particular strength of ours here at 21 Digital.

In short, SEO seeks to boost your website’s rank in Google’s ‘organic’ unpaid search results (as opposed to the paid PPC ones), so that potential customers are more likely to see you when searching.

SEO is a complex and many-layered art that covers many aspects of your site, including its design, content and technical elements. In carrying out a successful ongoing SEO strategy, we’ll optimise your website code, meta-data and on-page content plus many other things in accordance with Google’s quality guidelines.

The ultimate aim is to drive more traffic to your site by demonstrating to Google’s algorithms that your website can give value to your website visitors. And once that human traffic arrives, it’s also important to offer a great user experience, maximising the opportunities for conversions to sales or lead generations.

Where Does Conversion Rate Optimisation Come In?

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So, we’ve established that the point of SEO is to build traffic and encourage more people to visit your site. But while that’s an excellent first step, you can still go further. Now, this is the main way that CRO complements SEO.

An easy way to think of it is like this; basically, SEO brings people to your the premises of your online ‘shop’, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy your goods or enquire about your services. This is where CRO comes in; it significantly improves the likelihood of turning a visitor into a customer.

In other words, you need to convert this web traffic into active sales or leads, and this is exactly what CRO is designed to do.

How Does CRO Achieve That?

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Like SEO, our CRO service has a lot of branching elements, so we’ll just boil it down to the basics. Using specialised software tools, we use our CRO skills to monitor and evaluate user behaviour on your website, to identify why customers might not be buying or enquiring about your products or services.

With this information, we can better understand the user’s journey through your site, and set about influencing this journey, subtly guiding users through to desired pages and nudging them towards performing desired actions to help maximise conversions.

This can be something as simple as placing a button or link (call-to-action) on a specific part of a page. This can encourage users to visit another key page to perform a desirable action, such as filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter. It can also be something more complex – one example of this is where we create two versions of a page, but with slightly different layouts. We then monitor engagement on both pages to see which version is likely to convert best. This is called split-testing, and it’s a crucial part of CRO.

CRO can also help identify issues that users might be facing when using your website which might be losing you customers. If there are sections of of your website that aren’t very user friendly, then customers may lose patience and leave your site. CRO is adept at identifying these problems, simplifying the customer journey and removing obstacles that might be stopping them from converting to a sale or lead.

As with SEO, with CRO we’ll give you comprehensive, regular data reports that keep you informed on results and progress, so that you can see the full effectiveness of our CRO strategies.


In Conclusion…

Hopefully that gives you some insight into the relationship between SEO and CRO. They’re two interlinking parts of the customer journey, from the moment they first visit all the way through to the completion of a purchase or enquiry – with any luck, the first of many!

“The benefits of CRO really can’t be understated.” says Ashley, our Search Manager. “In a recent case with one of our clients, our CRO services almost doubled the conversion rate of a specific call to action; the exact increase was 94.57%. This then increased the number of visitors to another key page by 56.60%, which is a significant boost in traffic that might not have been possible with SEO alone.”

If you need any advice or further clarification, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01254 660 560. Or, you can take a quick look at some of our case studies, to see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours make it on the web.

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