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Avanti Energy enjoys multi-million success with 21Digital

Avanti Energy enjoys multi-million success with 21Digital Avanti Energy enjoys multi-million success with 21Digital

Renewable energy company Avanti Energy is currently enjoying its place in the sun, following incredible results from 21Digital’s latest Pay-Per-Click campaigns. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, our PPC experts have successfully generated an eight-figure return on investment – around thirty-two times the original annual budget!

Avanti Energy is a Which? Trusted Trader, providing solar power, EV charging and wind turbine energy solutions to residential and commercial customers across the UK.  

Following our initial meetings with Avanti Energy, we’ve formulated our targeted PPC campaigns to achieve a set of specific objectives – namely to generate leads for the company’s business development team, focusing on its zero percent finance packages, and making investments in green energy solutions more affordable (thereby aiding adoption by the wider business community).

Our managing director, Sam Fletcher, said: “The energy prices crisis is having a huge impact on domestic and business customers right now, but green concerns are only set to grow and grow.

“Avanti Energy provides a way for businesses and domestic customers to invest in green technologies now, that will safeguard them against increased energy prices both today and into the future.

“People are searching for solutions, and our PPC campaign is focused on guiding them towards Avanti Energy as a trusted partner. We’re really pleased to have had our contract renewed after the first quarter’s success and look forward to working with Avanti Energy to help more customers access the green technologies they need.”

So that’s what we’re doing for them – the question is, what can we do for you?

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