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A swift and efficient Magento 2 upgrade for SavoyTimber.com

A swift and efficient Magento 2 upgrade for SavoyTimber.com A swift and efficient Magento 2 upgrade for SavoyTimber.com

A robust and high-performance Magento 2 eCommerce website has always been a key priority of our longstanding client Savoy Timber, as its online presence is what enables it to serve its customers on a national scale, operating from its three North-West DIY stores. As with all upgrades on this scale, attention to detail was therefore crucial for our developers, which made it quite an involved process – but to spare you all the minute technical detail, we’ll give you the broad strokes!

First, our Magento 2 developers audited all the current extensions and integrations to see if there were any that needed updating or replacing. From there, we took a copy of the database and set up a new one, before making the necessary upgrades to a variety of extensions. Then, we set about upgrading Magento as a whole, and configured Elasticsearch – a brand new search function that many of our customers will be using for the first time with Magento 2.4.5.

With all that complete, we then set about testing the site thoroughly, identifying any bugs or styling issues, and taking steps to resolve them. We then completed another comprehensive retest of the site. Then, we were ready for launch. You can see the results for yourself over at Savoy Timber!

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