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A black belt with “frightening” music taste – meet Mindy Gofton, our new Head of Digital!

A black belt with “frightening” music taste - meet Mindy Gofton, our new Head of Digital!

2023 has been a brilliant year for us so far, and while the 21Digital train is full steam ahead, we’ve recently pulled into the station to welcome a few new members aboard!

One of the latest additions to our team is Mindy Gofton, a skilled digital marketing strategist and black belt Search Marketeer – and one with an impressively diverse wider skillset, which also includes PPC, email marketing and content marketing. Mindy is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience to her name, so naturally we’re delighted to have her join us at the 21Digital office.

Mindy originally hails from Atlanta GA, and first moved to the UK in 1997 to do a PhD in British and Irish history. Thankfully for us, she never left! She’s also an avid music lover, and while it’s true that a former colleague once described her music taste as ‘frightening’, we personally think she has great taste (and we aren’t just saying that because she has a black belt in karate either!) Maybe we’ll even give her free reign of the office playlist.

“It’s a very diverse team – there’s a brilliant mix of ages, expertise and personalities here, so we’re sparking ideas off each other all the time,” says Mindy. “Everyone here works really hard and is extremely good at what they do. You can really feel the team’s collective dedication to getting the best results for clients, and honestly it’s just great to be a part of.”

Mindy’s experience and knowledge is a hugely welcome addition to our team, and she’s now helping us to design, build and execute truly innovative digital and SEO strategy, so that we can carry on going above and beyond delivering creative, real and tangible results to our clients.

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