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21Digital makes it rain for Welch Fencing with record-breaking Q1

21Digital makes it rain for Welch Fencing with record-breaking Q1 21Digital makes it rain for Welch Fencing with record-breaking Q1

The UK may have been battered by extreme weather in the first few months of 2022, but it was Welch Fencing who took Britain by storm, thanks to a brand new bespoke website and successful SEO campaign by our digital specialists.

Having begun the project in the last few months of 2021, we launched Welch Fencing’s new website in January 2022. Barely six weeks later, three massive storms (named Dudley, Eunice and Franklin) reached our shores, with strong winds tearing down fences up and down the country. That prompted a huge surge of customers looking to replace their garden fences – and thanks to our bespoke SEO and PPC campaigns, Welch Fencing was in a perfect position to meet that demand. The success of our specialist search campaigns meant that the company’s website enjoyed a prominent position in Google Search results, maximising conversions with its brand new design; one of the key features of its improved user experience is a new fence calculator, designed to help customers to work out the exact side of the panels and posts that they need.

All that has resulted in an excellent start to the year for the fencing supplier – during Quarter 1 in 2022, they’ve benefited from a 20% rise in revenue that’s beaten all previous sales records (including the one that we helped them set

“90% of searchers won’t look past the first page of Google’s search results,” said Sam Fletcher, our managing director at 21Digital. “It’s something that’s pretty well-known in the industry, and it means that if you’re not on page one, you’re basically invisible to potential customers.

‘Even the best-designed websites count for very little if nobody sees them, which is why Search has always been such a crucial core service of ours here at 21Digital. Welch Fencing’s success goes to show just how valuable it can be, and we’re thrilled to have helped them achieve their latest milestone. We’re looking forward to helping them set the next one!”

Welch Fencing is one of several business on 21Digital’s roster of Home and Garden clients; it’s long been one of our key sectors, and with than 18 years of experience to our name, you can trust us to quickly get to grips with your business, and recommend the perfect solution for you!

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