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21Digital helps automotive clients on the road to success in 2020

21Digital helps automotive clients on the road to success in 2020 21Digital helps automotive clients on the road to success in 2020

It’s no secret that throughout all the turbulence of 2020, some sectors were able to cope much better than others. We’ve already covered how we’ve helped our Home and Garden clients enjoy particular success as the sector actually boomed through lockdown, partially driven by millions of Britons buckling down to DIY tasks they’d been putting off for months.

But Home & Garden isn’t the only sector we specialise in here at 21Digital, and with our help, our automotive clients have been racing ahead of the competition too. Covid-19 has had a restrictive effect on the automotive industry in general, with factories, assemblies and car showrooms forced to close for extended periods, but our expertise spans clients across a variety of sub-sectors, which have generally been much better positioned to deal with the unique challenges that 2020 has brought. Here are just a few of them!

Used cars, salvage cars, and End of Life Vehicles

Used cars, salvage cars, and End of Life Vehicles

Covid-19 continues to have a massive impact on the global commodities market, and the fluctuating metal prices have in turn affected the operations of several longstanding clients of ours, including Scrap Car Network and RAW2K. Thankfully they’ve managed to stay resilient against the worst effects, largely due to the strong online presences that we play a key role in maintaining here at 21Digital.

RAW2K hosts daily and weekly online vehicle auctions which remained fully operational throughout the pandemic, while Scrap Car Network’s site is designed to make it as fast, simple and easy as possible for drivers to scrap their end-of-life vehicle – another housekeeping task that countless people finally managed to find time for over lockdown.

We continually adapted and optimised our bespoke SEO and PPC campaigns for both businesses, making sure that they stayed on page 1 of Google Search Results for ‘scrap my car’ or ‘salvage car auctions’ and other key terms – ultimately maintaining their online visibility and ensuring a steady stream of customers to their business.

Commercial vehicles

We launched a brand new website for Van Discount back in February – which turned out to be quite serendipitous timing! The new website we designed gave a fresh new look to their online presence, and we made sure that it reinforced key USPs such as their 30 years of experience, their in-depth expertise, and their ability to get customers 40% off the price of a new van.

The new website, coupled with our organic search campaigns, ultimately put them in a much better position for the start of the first national lockdown in March 2020, when digital began providing a vital lifeline for countless UK businesses. The timely launch of Van Discount’s online presence allowed them to stay connected with their audience, so they could continue supplying vans to business customers and essential workers up and down the UK.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Our OEM automotive clients span both the private and commercial sectors here at 21Digital; Car Communications stocks products tailored to the personal vehicles of the general public, while clients like Vision Techniques focus on large commercial vehicles such as HGVs, buses and specialist industrial vehicles.

Online visibility has remained a top priority for our OEM clients over 2020. Growing uneasiness over use of public transport has led more and more customers to search for technologies to help them pass the time on long journeys in their personal vehicles, and we adapted our SEO campaign to accommodate the public’s sudden interest in motorhome equipment too (a reflection of the ‘staycations’ trend that’s replaced a traditional overseas holiday for many of us in 2020).

Demand didn’t slow down for Vision Techniques either, as the vast majority of their customers are in logistics industries and similarly essential sectors.

ACD of Lancashire

Parts and spares

We’ve been pleased to recently welcome on board ACD of Lancashire – which comprises not one but two vehicle breakers, specialising in Chrysler and Lexus vehicles respectively. They’re just some of the many vehicle breakers who are still thriving despite more than one national lockdown. It’s early days yet with ACD of Lancashire, but we’re already hard at work formulating some fantastic digital campaigns to get them rocketing along!

So, in the year when digital has never been so important, is your online presence delivering value to your business?

That’s where we can help here at 21Digital. We’ve got 17 years of experience behind us in creating stunning digital campaigns which deliver measurable return on investment for our clients. We keep our digital offering all under one roof, encompassing award-winning services in web designweb developmentSEOGoogle Adsdigital consultancysocial media marketing, and email marketing.

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