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21Digital drives success for Scrap Car Network and RAW2K

Our history with Recycling Lives goes back a long way here at 21Digital, and the company’s acquisition by Global Ardour Metal Ltd earlier this year marked a lot of big changes for the waste management company. However, amidst all these transformations, one thing hasn’t changed — and that’s their marketing agency (which is us, in case you were wondering!).

With a network of 23 sites across the UK, Recycling Lives is recognised as the largest ELV recycler in the country, and it’s been instrumental in generating approximately 500,000 tonnes of green steel annually, contributing to sustainable practices and environmental conservation efforts.

As part of the acquisition, Global Ardour Metal Ltd has decided to maintain its partnership with 21Digital for marketing purposes of its subsidiaries, Scrap Car Network and RAW2K. As a trusted marketing partner, we take pride in our proven track record of delivering successful SEO and PPC campaigns for our clients.

double-hat trick of contract wins

double-hat trick of contract wins

Our team has achieved remarkable results through our SEO campaigns in the past 12 months alone. For Scrap Car Network, we have driven 132,000 users to the website, with an impressive 36,500 users coming from blogs alone. Similarly, for RAW2K, we have garnered 782,000 clicks and an astounding 19.1 million impressions and we’re looking forward to delivering some even more impressive results throughout the rest of 2024 and beyond!

Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in the recycling industry and beyond by implementing innovative strategies and promoting collaborative efforts.

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