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21Digital customers flying after Google’s December Core Update

21Digital customers flying after Google’s December Core Update 21Digital customers flying after Google’s December Core Update

A couple of times a year, Google rolls out Core Updates to its search algorithms. Each new Core Update essentially introduces new standards that govern how Google ranks your site in its search results, which can often result in noticeable increases or decreases in your traffic. The thing is, Google rarely – if ever – releases any details on exactly what changes each of these updates bring. It does this to avoid the algorithms being gamed by SEO professionals, and to help the search engine consistently return relevant, high-quality results.

But all this cloak-and-dagger stuff means that SEO specialists have to form their own conclusions about exactly how their sites have been affected, and why. That means that while solid research and data analysis are the bedrock of effective SEO, it also requires no small degree of instinct and professional judgement as well.

Our SEO team here at 21Digital has all that in spades, which probably goes some way to explaining why so many of our clients enjoyed a significant boost in rankings from the December 2020 Core Update. Of course, this extra online visibility has become all the more critical as we enter another national lockdown – faced with the temporary closure of their bricks and mortar stores, many businesses are once again refocusing their efforts on getting the most out of their SEO during the pandemic.

How 21Digital can help you conquer Google’s Core Updates

You probably know that effective SEO isn’t just a one-time fix – your website needs constant care and attention to stay competitive. If you like, you can think of it like a never-ending race to the top of Google’s search results. Even when you’re out in front, you still have to keep running! Sticking with this racing analogy, Google’s Core Updates are the occasional hurdles in this race – the challenging tests that your website has to pass in order to maintain its lead over competitors.

But while each new Core Update brings its own set of detailed and impenetrable rule changes for SEO professionals to analyse, interpret and adapt to, every single one of them is based on the same core principles that Google has always used to rank the websites on its search engine, including (but not limited to): relevance, quality, trustworthiness, security, loading speed, user experience, mobile friendliness, optimised content, and a bedrock of technical SEO.

We always make sure to prioritise these on every site we work on here at 21Digital, alongside our focus on fulfilling each client’s individual commercial objectives. In a nutshell, we know what Google likes, and we know how to efficiently adapt our bespoke SEO strategies on the fly – which is just one of the reasons why we’re so good at getting so many of our clients to Page One of Google search results, and helping them stay there.

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