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180% revenue boost leads to new web brief for 21Digital

180% revenue boost leads to new web brief for 21Digital

Our summer’s hotting up! We’ve won the contract from Butchers Equipment Warehouse to design and build a sharp new website – following 180% year-on-year revenue boost for the company, directly from our digital marketing campaigns.

Our newest web project involves migrating the company’s existing eCommerce site from Magento 1 to the latest Magneto 2 application. Our in-house developers and designers will then draw on their own Magento 2 expertise to create a new site that provides enhanced functionality, an upgraded performance, and a sleek, overhauled user experience.

21Digital will deliver all this alongside further ongoing Pay Per Click campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation, to drive fresh web traffic and revenue for Butchers Equipment Warehouse.

Our managing director Sam Fletcher says: “We’re really pleased to have won the contract to design and build the new website for Butchers Equipment Warehouse based on the success of our previous PPC and SEO campaigns, which will also be rolled over.

The new website design and build will allow us to take a more holistic approach to help achieve maximum results through further user experience and marketing enhancements, keeping Butchers Equipment Warehouse at the head of its field.”

Butchers Equipment Warehouse director Mohammed Karolia said: “We were incredibly impressed by the bottom line benefits 21Digital delivered purely through SEO and PPC, so it was a straightforward decision to bring them onboard to handle the upgrade of the website itself. We’re looking forward to working with them into the long term and see them as a real partner in our success.”

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Give us a call on 01254 660 560, or email us on hello@21digital.agency and let’s talk!

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